How old will you be before you give up gaming?

I’m 33, and can remember when multiplayer was 2 people flying square block aeroplanes around on Combat on my Atari console. Pacman was revolutionary back then.
“I tried to explain this to my girlfriend, but she doesn’t understand…. Some people watch TV, but I play video games.”

I think SlayerDragon said it best. Some people are shoppers, some people are couch potatoes, some people are into alternative sports and I am a gamer. My parents used to bug me for spending way too much time at the keyboard but I guess they’ve finally accepted my way of life. While it is not true that a gamer has a smaller social circle, it probably won’t help you to get a girlfriend. The number of female gamers are on the rise with the increase number of simulation games such as Sims 2 (I’m really into it right now..) and MMORPGs. I’m sure I have to go out to meet real people now and then but every gamer’s dream is an understanding gaming spouse, isn’t it? So who knows, I might get lucky. Yeah right…

I’d probably game on til I can’t game anymore. The idea of schooling a young punk as a old grandpa is a pretty funky idea. Either that or someone comes along to cure me of this addiction, hehe. I believe I’ve rant on long enough, far too long perhaps. Happy gaming-

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