ORD Mood No More

Ugh, received phone call yesterday from office telling me that I’m scheduled for BMT (yes, again!) coming April. That’s 2 weeks from now. Call back office today and see if the superiors could help me get out of this serious mess of a joke. Somehow they don’t even seem willing to try to help me. I was so depressed after that. I can’t say I’m a super contributor at the office but all I ask for is to ORD in peace, somehow that seems too much. I can’t even remember the last time I got this depressed. I had to call the PD clerk myself to check how’s the status if I’m clearing leave as well. The final reply was that I can’t get myself out of this shit. I’d be back to Tekong for the 3rd time. When people do Basic Training when they just enter NS, I do it just before I ORD. It doesn’t seem to matter that it’s totally pointless. Worst part of this whole deal is that I’d be forfeiting a few days of leave but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone except me as well. Gaargh..

The only good news is I’d be clearing leave all the way til end of the month. When I return from BMT (that is if I got lucky on the third time and manage to clear it), I’d be clearing leave all the way til ORD except for those few days I need to come back for FFI and clearance (will still be forfeiting a few days though..). Now that I’ve come to terms with the inevitable, I feel much better. I guess I just have to take it all one step at a time. Life is always full of surprises, just as I thought I was going to clear leave, do my last duties and ORD, I get hit with this shit. -sigh-

Anyway, Asylum 3.0 has finally taken shape. Borrowing code from 13, I managed to get it all done in few hours. Time is mostly spent on design than writing code from scratch. Still can’t figure Archives out though. Will figure it out tomorrow when I wake, together with coding in Comments.

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