Met up with Jie (no, not sister, that’s just his name) for lunch at Sakae. Supposed to pick up the second volume of Witch Hunter Robin but we went window shopping around. Saw the Lord of the Rings Trilogy Special Extended DVD Boxset at Sembawang Music! The boxset was sold out very quickly during its first shipment. I inquired at HMV and was told the supplier didn’t restock after the first shipment. So being the compulsive buyer that I am I bought the boxset. So my financial status moved one step closer to BROKE, I’m not really happy.. well somewhat satisfied I guess.

Jie hung out a lil at my place, played some WE8/PES4. Finally coded in the Comments Function so do comment away! Archives left to be coded, the other stuff are easy. Gotta get some work done for 13, Ric made some exciting breakthrough, should boost morale overall. I’d probably finish the second volume of WHR tomorrow.

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