Things are looking up

Hm, got out of training (finally). PC/2IC wrote a memo for the MO. The MO was pretty nasty when I went into the consultation room. He became unexpectedly nice after he read the memo. “Are you sure I haven’t OOTed you?” Bleh! He even told me to get the specialist to return a memo with diagnosis with recommendation for downgrade. Geez, talk about pulling off a Jekyll and Hyde.

These few days of sitting in the office isn’t that bad. Finished re-reading Adromenda Strain and started on The Hobbit. Even found time to work on concept for 13. Watched TV everyday from 6 to 10. Haven’t watched so much TV in a long time. Ate at canteen at times. Only problem is the lack of admin time in the bunk.

Med checkup for Uni was okay. Nothing much. The doc recommends a thalasemic test to determine if I truly inherited thalasemia from my dad. Planned to eat at the western food stall but it wasn’t operating.

Finally got to meet up with Cookies. Planned this for ages and kept postponing. Our birthdays were long past but it’s still a get-together to catchup somewhat, I guess. Drove to Wheelock (Note: as long as I don’t drive along Orchard Rd, traffic would be fine). Realised I’m rather low on cash when I went to draw money. Apparently, I spend more when I only get to book out once a week. Met up with her and checked out NYDC, Wheelock. Long queue as usual so we took a walk to Hereens. Gotta check out my order or retrieve a deposit. I placed an order for Jazzamor’s Piece of my Heart since February and had since called back twice but it seems they can’t get it in. My fears were confirmed when we got there and I got my deposit back. NYDC, Hereens was crowded as well so we walked back to Wheelock (gee..!)

Queued and caught up on stuff. Seems like we won’t meet on campus when term starts. NUS didn’t reply with a letter of acceptance. Quite surprised when I was informed that she is applying a while back since I remember her mom wanting her to work (or bad memory is plaguing me again). Anyway, I’d recommend taking weekend or night classes since Singapore has such a cruel society where one doesn’t get anywhere when he/she doesn’t have the right qualifications. She was complaining about some weird guys bugging and “stalking” her all the time. I know a few guys who would be more than happy to have girls “stalking” them. -snicker- Oh, Cheese’s cute girl was at NY, Wheelock, today, if I didn’t remember her wrongly.

After dinner, she brought me to That CD Shop at Pacific Plaza (is it even called that? I can’t remember). Up to the second level and there it was – Piece of my Heart. What the hell man? HMV claims that factory can’t satisfy the order. The CD is retailing at a cheaper price to boot. If HMV bought the CD here and sold it to me at their retail price, they’d even make a minor profit! She paid for the CD as birthday present since I insisted to pay for dinner, she had a overall lost in this transaction, haha. Gotta admit that she’s quite something, helping me find what I’ve been looking for in months in a single day. I didn’t bring it up explicitly but she followed me back to the carpark anyway, common understanding. Drove her back home, wasn’t that far a ride. Come to think of it, she has the honour of being the first girl I send home. SM didn’t count since I sent Cheese and her back to hall. Long cruise down Bt Timah Rd all the way to Woodlands Rd on the way home.

[Lost picture here]

I can’t wait to return to unit. I seriously hope they don’t make me stay to help self-drive. I guess I’m quite a bastard but I’m really not confident of driving a vehicle I have not much experience in unfamiliar territory. Besides who’s gonna cover me if there’s any incidents. Hopefully, I can return in a couple of days after returning. Looks like I missed the ORD of the out-going guys, oh well but at least it leaves me with a few weeks to plan my leave properly.

Labour Day long weekend. I have always thought it’s a strange name. Is it called Labour Day because we have to work on that day? Or is it a good day to go into labour? Or is it a day where we enjoy our fruits of labour? One in the morning and I’m going crazy. Enjoy your long break. Cheers~’

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