NOI prize giving ceremony

Cynthia asked me if I would like to be the emcee for the above event and I took it up since it was a week away (at that point in time) and very little preparations would be needed. Little did I know that I would have the honour of meeting A/P Martin Henz. He seemed like an ordinary guy who’s being a doting father to his 2 children by bringing them to the event. We exchanged formalities, mostly about what I am doing here in NUS.

It was only after he left the LT, that I found out that he was the founder of FriarTruck. The company that created this little creature that went to Mars. that provided the scheduling software for this little guy.


Apparently, he had to rush off to the airport after this as he is coaching an international school in soccer. It is cool or what?

6 thoughts on “NOI prize giving ceremony

  1. Actually FriarTuck created the scheduling software that handled the scheduling of the scientists in NASA who are involved in the Mars Rover project. Incidentally the name FriarTuck alludes to the round robin scheduling technique. (Robin -> Robin Hood -> Friar Tuck)

  2. Me too. Its scary, when you realise that most of the scenarios really do happen in real life… Darn, gotta stop surfing the web and finish writing that paper.

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