Somebodies and Nobodies

I don’t blame you for not being man enough to take the blame but did you really had to bring us all into your mummer’s farce? At least you had the grace to look abashed and defeated when the list of inadequancies were rolled out. I’m not one to lay down judgement and everyone had the right to put their best skills into practice. Doing what you did could be your best skills but I felt it distasteful. I could still taste bile at the back of my throat as I pondered over the issue on my way home.

Those who used to know me long enough would know that I used to take pride in being inappropriate and performing unacceptable behaviours. :roll: Back then I was a nobody and I laugh at somebodies trying hard at being their somebodies. However, in much recent times I have found trying to be more politically correct and keeping my dark humour in check. That could be due to the fact that I’m in fact somebody now and there are responsibilities and expectation a somebody has to maintain. One thing didn’t change though, I still laugh at somebodies trying hard at being their somebodies.

I just hope you don’t try so hard at being a somebody that you end up being a nobody.

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