Afterthoughts of camp

It seems like 4 days has gone by in a flash. Numerous new friendships were forged and existing ones strengthened. Through this camp, I’ve discovered more about myself, TTB and other seniors who also joined the camp.

Firstly, I’ve to thank JQ and Pauline for being there for the group and taking over my responsibilities when I hurt my foot. It tugged at my heartstrings that both of you took up the added responsibilities that were not required of the oga – bringing the group for treasure hunt and beach games.

My dear Subby who took me to the chiropracture and hospital. I am touched by the great lengths you took to get me there and bearing with my frustrations and moodiness from the injury.

If you’re wondering what happened, the group was playing a game such that everyone have to squeeze their feet into a small area of a mat and sing “twinkle twinkle little star”. In the midst of that, it became “London bridge is falling down” and someone stepped on my foot which caused a great big patch of blue black and a skin graze on the last toe.

I’m amused at what the doctor wrote about me

“Main complaints/History

left foot stepped on by another person this morning

now has bruising and pain over dorsum of foot

no other injury”

My prescription included a sachet of muscle relaxant aka sleeping pills.  :shock:

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