New revelations

I visited an ex-classmate’s blog that I’ve never visited before. It was a link on a friend’s blog. She has a huge collection of juicy links. ( Yeah, I’m such a blog voyeur ) I wouldn’t add someone’s blog link unless our friendship is something sustainable.  ( Aren’t you touched? :p )

Ok, back to this girl. We weren’t on good terms back in secondary school. To be more precise, she wasn’t on good terms with most of the people in the class cos of her unreasonable personality and crude mannerisms. We once met in the new school building, I greeted her and attempted to strike a conversation but she seems to be unable to put the past behind her – whatever it was, it has slipped my mind. To each its own, she probably didn’t reconcile with the rest as well and was pretty much left-out-of-the-group-yet-tagging-along kind of situation. Her mannerisms through writing seems the same.

The entry which strikes me most is how she puts herself to be so forgiving and accommodating in the past and that betrayal by all her “friends” have left her to be who she is now. She added that she is glad that this girl from jc has shown to her what true friendship is and helped her to trust again.

I’m sure all who knew her back then would disagree. I guess it’s always easier to put the blame on others for your horrible predicament.

It made me wonder if I’ve ever placed a joke that offended people. (I can be quite a potty mouth over forums. =x ) And there are times my playful teasing streak seemed too serious to others, causing them to fret while I giggle. With this, I’ll like to extend an invitation to anyone who knows me well enough to mention any flaws that I have. It’s always better to know and improve on it than blaming it on others.

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