2 weeks of school

Time for some updates. It’s been 2 weeks of school with computing at its new location. The travelling to and fro between science and computing does get daunting. It caused me to slap counterpain on my shoulders every night till Subby said I should stop else I might develop resistance to it. The bright side is I will definitely get fitter with all the rushing, stairs climbing, slope conquering and shuttle bus catching.

That aside, I’m proud of my first 2 weeks in school. :) Did some soul searching and decided to re-prioritise certain things. I’ve managed to be on par with most of my lecturers, complete some homework in 1 day (that’s today), attend a martial arts display, spend time with Subby and celebrate Van’s bday.

In all honesty, I think I’m still not having enough time with him. :(

Greedy me.

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