Discussing Assets…

[09:02] [TTB] j0E: i have a page called showuserassets then I had a chuckle
[09:02] 立勇: erz…
[09:02] 立勇: you might want to rename it
[09:03] [TTB] j0E: i wasn’t the one who created that page
[09:03] 立勇: lol
[09:03] 立勇: then again i doubt ppl want to see their own assets
[09:03] 立勇: no when most have next to none
[09:03] [TTB] j0E: depends on what type of assets
[09:04] 立勇: hmm i dunno
[09:04] 立勇: i think we are generally more interested to see other ppl’s assets of any kind
[09:05] [TTB] j0E: it depends

We were definitely not on the same page.

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