3 weeks of school

Well, here’s an update for all you voyeurs. :p

Enter the third week of school and the pace of life sped up considerably.

Speaking of which, I have yet to say which modules I am taking this sem.

1. CS2100 – Computer organisation

2. CS2102 – Database

3. LSM1101 – Biochemistry of molecules

4. CM1121 – Basic organic chemistry

5. GEK1527 – Genes and society

I’m getting very lost in CS2100 class. =/ Registers, pointers, what not. It’s so mind boggling.

I spent my weekend in isolation studying for CM1121 test. :( It was managable so at least I didn’t waste my time.

A little juicy surprise you might be interested is..

I’m in nus karate.


First lesson today. It’s been so long since I last perspired like that. It felt good.

It reminded me of P.E in jc and my short stint in netball.

My muscle ache like crazy now.

This post is totally incoherent.

Good night.

9 thoughts on “3 weeks of school

  1. OMG YOU ARE IN KARATE??!!! hahaha!! wow yes that is very different what you used to do.. hehe. yay it’s good to try new things! teach me a move or two ;)

  2. Karate?! oh man i thought you were only kidding when you mentioned it to me haha!!
    Hah next time you can beat Benny up if he suans you. But keep him in one piece ok!! Heh heh :D

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