I’m a yellow racoon?


You are Yellow Raccoon, who is innocent and depends on people.
You are also amiable and graceful.
You tend to take passive attitude with gentle and modest ways of expression.
You are well liked by both men and women.
You listen to others well, and try to adapt to them.
This makes you feel your emotions are being opressed, and therefore you may suffer mentally.
Unlike your modesty, you hate being restricted.
You want to do whatever you like, and when you like.
You are rather temperament, and are emotionally delicate.
You have great artistic sense, and if you come in touch especially with traditional and ancient things, fortune will smile on you.
It may be good to make museum tours as your hobby.
You are not good at housework; you prefer to work on something you like.
When you get to the middle ages, you may take an interest in spiritual world.
You may experience great change in life.
You live your life steadily, so you shouldn’t rush into things.
You have strong motherly feelings, and people depend on you a lot.
After getting married, you will keep your house well.


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