Do you still remember neoprints?

I came across my box of neoprints.

I remember them being all the craze back in secondary school. They first started out with low quality pixels and little variation to those where you can change the camera angle and add glitter and little cartoons to your photo. Back then, I didn’t take much of those since they were rather expensive. When I entered JC, my collection increased tremendously. The ones I love most are surprisingly those that I took with a group in which everyone tries to squeeze into the given space and does an impromptu pose as the machine counts down in Jap. Then, came the decoration part where the printouts were always a surprise since everyone pretty much adds different stuff to the pics and whatever that finally got printed out was rather hilarous.

Ever since I’ve entered uni, I have yet to take a neoprint. One of the reason was people tend to bring along a digital camera instead and after the outing, we get free photos through msn.

I’d like to meet up with them to take neoprints again. It’s always nice to look at them through the years and watch ourselves grow.

5 thoughts on “Do you still remember neoprints?

  1. so inspiring!! yea man i wanna take neoprint tooooo. let’s take neoprint together again k =). and your shades of not grey but black and white is cheem. but interesting =D

  2. oooh neoprints! i love ours. but we all looked so toot last time. hahaha!
    Jia you for work!! i’m barely coping too!!
    Pray hard dear!

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