Shades of Truth

They often say it’s not just black or white but with many shades of grey in between. Well, I beg to differ. Yes, it’s not just black or white but neither is it just shades of grey. I believe there are many shades of blacks and whites as well.

I’ve been hooked on CSI. As awe-inspiring is the series’ demostration of modern forensic science, I find the back story and character development just as, if not more, interesting. Very often it was demostrated how being legally wrong is being pitted against being morally wrong; how some commit crimes not entire out of malice; how the the court of justice only sees the evidence and pass sentences according to the law but investigation is done by humans with feelings and their own moral judgement.

One question I often ask myself and others: is doing something wrong for the right reason wrong? Similarly, is doing something right for the wrong reason still right? The world is painted not only in shades of greys but shades of blacks and whites. As if to make matters worse, your shade of color very often don’t match the guy next to you. How then do we make pass judgements? What then is the truth?

I guess at the end of the day, we can only follow our heart and what we feel is right or wrong.

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