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Took the usual train from work back home today. It wasn’t that crowded strangely. When the train isn’t crowded, interesting people stand out; be it the sexy lady who doesn’t realize how much skin she’s showing, the middle-age man throwing the said lady lecherous glances or a crazy old lady mumbling under her breath about apocalypse. Today, it’s a bunch of obnoxious kids.

Actually there were 4 kids and their (grand)parents . They boarded at the same station (apparently, there’s some kind of sale going on at Expo). Even while waiting for the train of the platform, I could foresee it was going to be an interesting train ride. As the train doors opened, all of them rushed in for the seats (even though it’s only 1 station till the interchange). When we speak of ill-behaved kids, most naturally think of boys but all 4 of them are girls; 2 were scrawny, dog-faced like goblins, the other 2 plump and puffy like orcs.

They tried to repeat their rushing feat at Tenah Merah but 1 failed to get her seat which prompted her to start throwing tantrums. After some re-arrangement, one other girl ended up having to standing; but alas, she has too much ill-manners in her to simply stand still and starting jumping up and down, hanging on the grab poles likes a rabid simian. Actually she’s more akin to a gorilla but I digress. When they finally settle down, they decided to play game which involved hand signs and loud shouting though I’m pretty sure the latter is optional. One of the hand signs involved pointing 2 fingers up with the palm facing in which looked rather vulgar to me. At this point, I’m sure they’ve caught the attention of several other commuters on the train.

If they were my kids, I’m not exactly sure if I’d throttle them all to death or pretend I didn’t know them. I guess the second option was the relatives’ solution of choice as they left the children to behave in totally uncivilized manner on the public transport. I reckon an average dog is more well-behaved than these bunch yet a dog isn’t allowed on the train but these bunch of gremlins are… -sigh- the irony of life.

Sometimes we’re fortunate to share a short journey with these public transport nuisance but this wasn’t about to be a lucky day for me. I’m not sure which is more scary: that these kids live in CCK and Yew Tee or the 2 plump ones look like perfect precursors to a certain legendary trans op gone wrong.

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