Queue up DAMMIT!

Just as humans queue up, cars have to as well. Just like how humans cut queues, car do too, unfortunately. Traffic markings and signs serve a purpose yet some people blatantly ignore it.

I was driving out to meet Cheese earlier and there was a long queue at the 2 lanes behind Beauty World shopping center as usual, with most of the traffic turning into PIE. There were several cars cutting the vehicular queue ever when they reached the double line between lanes 2 and 3 when they approach the tunnel that turns towards Ngee Ann and Sunset Place.

Usually I’m not that pissed by morons on the road but it’s a whole different story when they break while trying to cut into the lane, oblivious to traffic behind them. That’s exactly what happened when a truck had to blast its horn at the moron who was trying to cut into my lane.

When you’re behind the wheel, you are responsible for the safety of both your passengers and other road-users. Drivers who put others at risk seriously don’t deserve to drive. Hiak….

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