It’s a habit of mine to clear things from my room after the exams. Mostly because my things are messy and chucked together during the school term.

I chanced upon my collection of cards from friends over the years. As I keep every card, letter and notes ( those that you receive from the angel and mortal game ), they are spilling from the box. I picked up one to read, then another and very soon I was reading everything I ever received. There were some who signed off and I couldn’t decipher the signature nor who sent me the card. Some of the stuff that was written made me laugh at how childish we were. School, guys and juicy gossips – the adolescence stage. Most were very heartwarming and it could cheer a cheerless night. I realised that this is something technology can’t replace. A digital card expire after a few weeks and whatever that was written is lost. Moreoever, you can’t chance upon a digital card and be delighted.

After reading my box of cards, I decided to mail some out this year. Merry Christmas!

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