A post with no direction

Life kinda lost its direction after the exams are over. Thinking of earning some cash but not knowing how. Perhaps a little lazy.

Subby says that “everyone’s standing for each other is more often than not, not of the same level”. Once the common activity or thing that forces people together is taken away, then it is left to their own initiative to maintain and grow the friendship.

I’m more of the type who puts in what I see the other party is putting in. So if the person at the other end pulls away, so will I and if the other person goes a mile for me I will reciprocate and maybe go further. So it’s more of a dynamic change for me and sometimes I wonder, if I’m putting in more than those at the other end. Cos sometimes…it sure feels like it.

Uni does draw people away. Everyone is busy trying to cope with studies, projects and everything is going so fast paced that we lose sense of human touch. Those who put in the effort to arrange gatherings ends up being the one who does it almost all the time and it becomes draining such that you want to shun away and see if the world still remembers you.

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