Last Day of Work…

Yesterday, I went to eat at the airport’s staff canteen probably for the last time and it’s with a new bunch of people. I had the crappiest katsu curry I ever had though. That place is interesting because I went with so many different people. Well, it’s usually the same core few but different guests.

Walking down the same pathway that I’ve walked down the past 6 months for the last time is an indescribable feeling. The weather was good, I could see the clear skies and its wonderful clouds. That’s a scene I would probably miss.

I can’t say I have deep attachment to the place but after being at one place for half a year, part of you stays there, like a little imprint in time. I wasn’t exceptionally close to anyone in the office, some I get along more than others. I don’t know how many would I stay in contact.

I didn’t write a long good bye email expressing my thanks and gratitude or whatever, just a short one with my contacts. Almost everyone at work is away for holiday or a deserved trip back home so the studio’s quiet and quietly I leave.

It’s hard to say if this 6 months had a huge impact in my life, well I won’t know now at least and probably not for quite a while. It’d still be something I take away as part of me, part of my personal growth. I’ve seen the difference between work and school and several other issues but that’s another story for another day.

I do not feel sad leaving the place. Neither is there an eagerness to seek employment there after graduation. Just a quiet tinge of  melancholy. After all, this marks an end of an era. But as the wise men like to say, every end is but another beginning.

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