Verifying DMI Pool Data…

After installing the new hard disk, the system starts hanging at the message: “Verifying DMI Pool Data…”. Initially a restart could get it to work again, today, it decided to fail me. That started my 2 hour adventure of prying everything open and figuring what the heck is wrong; it involved re-cabling, removal of the hard disk, flashing of CMOS.

Finally it worked and I suspect it’s due to the IDE cable not plugged in fully. I even decided to go update my BIOS which is more informative now, at least it says “Verifying DMI Pool Data…. Successful” when everything is in order.

Troubleshooting computer hardware is very much like diagnosing a human patient. You only know the symptoms and can only guess the causes. I believe your doctor doesn’t know what he prescribe you can cure you half the time, he only makes intelligent guesses.

Enough mucking around with the system for the day.

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