Wet and Dreary BSOD

I was sick over the weekend and had one of the longest long weekends ever when I’m out on MC for Monday and Tuesday. I returned to work on what has to be one of the wettest day we’ve seen in months. It was raining when I was getting to work and continued to pour when I was going home. The rain was so heavy at one point that the basement of the office building was flooded. The water level had risen enough to reach the lobby area. It was a rather amusing sight to see the water level above the fountains in the basement, it was as if the entire basement became a huge fountain, the water spouts splattering on the huge surface of water. Anyways, I was practically stoned at work; drowsy under the influence of meditation. The wet and dreary weather sure didn’t help me get any better.

UT3 works surprisingly decently on this system. Well that was until it started glitching out on me during the campaign videos, forcing me to restart. One of the restarts actually gave me a BSOD but it went away after yet another restart. All these hard restarts can’t be good for the system. When I came home today, it actually took me several attempts to actually successfully boot into Windows. On some of my tries, it started making weird, scratchy noises and the display starts glitching out at the same time. At other times, the system seems to be powered up but there’s no visual output. Once I managed to get into Windows but was immediately thrown a DRIVER_IRQL _NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL blue screen. When I finally manage to boot in, I notice that my system time was reseted to 1st January 2000.

I did a quick search on Google for DRIVER_IRQL _NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and in my unprofessional opinion believe one of the following could be messing up my system:

  1. Unreal Tournament 3: well one of the reasons could be new software
  2. My new mouse and its driver: new hardware and wrong drivers could screw things up
  3. RAM: named several times as cause of problem on those tech forums I browsed through
  4. Dust: I can’t remember when was the last time I cleaned the insides of the tower
  5. BIOS: why else is my date screwing up?
  6. pagefile: I recently tried to defrag the boot drive, maybe something messed up the pagefile
  7. It is falling sick: it is actually falling sick like me

As I’m typing, I’m actually attempting to run Microsoft update and it’s behaving strangely, failing the update.

Gonna try to restart the system, hopefully everything sorts itself out miraculously because I don’t really have the spare cash to buy any replacements if anything gets fried inside.

Edit: I managed to get the update to work and recreated my pagefile after doing anothr defrag. It managed to start up normally. This could mean it could be the pagefile or 8. Too cold: the system is chilled by the weather and needs time to warm up. :roll:

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