I can’t believe I’m having trouble sleeping ( it’s 3.25am ) despite a taxing day out. I did manage to sleep a bit but I keep waking up from the aches at my arse and thighs. :roll: It’s a torment to decide whether to sleep facing down ( and add more strain to my thighs ) or sleep facing up ( and feel the strain at my arse ). So here I am, revealing the truth before you have nasty thoughts about what actually happened.

I went cycling with Subby, KX, Aeron and Sijia. I had trouble waking up and left the house without breakfast. We had lunch at ECP Macs before setting off. If you’ve been cycling at ECP before, you would say it’s a piece of cake and unlikely to cause what I just described. However, we took the PCN route which is a new cycling route that links ECP, bedok reservoir and Pasir Ris Park. We estimated that we would spend about 2 hours plus to get back to ECP and it wouldn’t be very taxing. It turns out we cycled for 6 hours. It includes seeking shelter from the emo weather that alternates between sunshine and rain, dismounting from our bikes to cross roads and bridges, getting lost to finding the correct path again and having to weave through a bunch of people who doesn’t seem to care if we knock them down or not. After returning to ECP, we were ravenous and hardly able to walk properly from sitting too long on the bicycle seat.

We had dinner at HK cafe. They’ve been on food recommendation shows several times and they do live up to their reputation. They have a long list and variety of food in their menu. I had “beef brisket la mian”. The soup was delicious which is the essence of a la mian dish. The milk tea float was overhyped and nothing really special. Others have similarly good things to say about their food. The price was ok in my opinion for a restaurant. ( $8 – $20 for ala carte ) What’s more there was no service charge! Hurray! Unfortunately, no pictures because I was really too hungry to take my phone out and snap the food. It’s more economical than ding tai fung and tastes better than crystal jade la mian! Yeap, I’m looking forward to going back there to try their other dishes and perhaps post some photos up.

Argh! I’m getting hungry thinking bout it.

Subby: [Map] It’s 42km according to this article.

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  1. hehe yea.. reminds me.. i also cycled alone abt that distance (i didnt make it to paris ris park coz i reached some SAF resort and found out that there was construction) back in august and thats when i took almost 2 hours to and fro (starting from mac or burger king i dont remember) and got myself a over sunburnt me.. lol :P

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