Are we living better?

Oh how often do we hear “the standard of living in Singapore has increased”? Supposedly to mean we are getting wealthier and can afford increase taxation. If this is so, why doesn’t my family income increase? Why do I feel so stretched thin of my allowance just paying for transport and why the heck do I not get a seat anymore on non-peak hours?

I used to like going for 10am lessons in school because I would be taking the train after all the adults have travelled to work and I could get a seat or even nap during my journey. However, while I was on my way for my 10am lessons a few days ago I was surprised to be in a rather crowded train. It isn’t a good way to start the day by having only standing space and being able to detect the “I-did-not-shower-this-morning” smell from the guy in front of me. I’ve been in worst situations during peak hours but it’s understandable if it’s peak hours.

I got my answer here. Wtf. I realise the train comes in about 6 mins nowadays.

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