We went to eat at this 24hr place at Rail Mall named Eat. I’m lazy to register and post in HungryGoWhere so I’m doing a little review here.

The first thing we notice when we step into the brightly lit shop was the WHAT? long queue. There were several seats available in the establishment but boy was the queue long. Eat sells your typical coffee shop noodle fare, they have fish ball noodles, minced meat noodles, laksa, etc. In addition, they also sell assorted fried finger food like fish and prawn cakes, ngoh hiang, chicken wings. They also have in stock your typical hot beverages, canned drinks and some home-brewed drinks.

One of the issues brought up in the review on HGW was the poor service and unfriendly staff. It’s true the folks there don’t seem to smile a lot. The dude clearing the tables don’t bother to say “excuse me” when he shuffles around carrying the plates, prefers to shove and squeeze between the people in the queue. This results in people bumping into people and some old aunty thinking I’m a perv trying to feel her up. I can understand why the people might look grumpy. If I’m handling these insane crowd for hours, I’d be cranky too. Although there were 4 air-cons in the shop, it was still strangely warm, it gets warmer still when you start slurping down the noodles.

They actually process the orders pretty fast once I managed to work my way through the long queue. I must have been queuing up for 7 minutes or so before I reach the counter. We ordered 1 bowl of dry minced meat u-mian, 1 bowl of fishball noodles soup, 1 plate of ngoh hiang, hot tea and ice lemon tea. At $4.30 per bowl, the noodles were a little costly even considering the recent increase of noodles cost, which raised the price of a bowl of noodles to about $3.50 to $3.80. 2 pieces of ngoh hiang cost $3+ as well.

The wait was worth it when we finally get down to our food. The minced meat noodles done in the traditional teochew style was particularly fragrant. You get your pork liver, meat, fried dumpling, mushrooms and minced meat (doh!). The taste of vinegar was strong but not overbearing and made it appetizing. Dried noodles came with a bowl of soup with minced meat (more like meat cloud). It was actually pretty good, not like those salty soup that just makes you thirsty. Jo had the fish ball noodles. I tried a little of the soup and it was, indeed as her describe, sweet. Though it doesn’t have as varied ingredients as the minced meat noodles, they do offer a decent serving of fish cakes and fish balls. They ice lemon tea was home-brewed and surprisingly good though it reminds me of instant lemon tea. So basically, they either have good lemon tea or used instant powder.

We spent $6+ per person.
Will we return to this place? Probably

Food and Beverage – 7
Ambience / Setting – 5
Value – 7
Service – 4
Overall – 5.75

I didn’t have a camera and she was too hungry so there’s no pictures, maybe next time. The laksa seems pretty good… :razz:

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