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Now this is pretty amazing. Apparently, this is a music player which dances and moves around according to the tune. Now, that’s why we love the Japanese, simply because they make funky stuff. Useless and pointless but funky nontheless.

Sony with its (useless but) funky Rolly []

The following link contains a story detailing a consumer’s nightmare experience at Best Buy. Shouldn’t we be glad that our retailers here don’t really care about the ratings of the games you buy? Well, I’m not promoting the sale of violence video games to minors but the story is just border absurd and complain idiocy.

Let the man buy his damn game! [The Consumerist]

[metacafe 1029494]

This is pretty cool. Fireballs that don’t really burn you. The article has a short disclaimer though, to quote “as long as you know what you’re doing”. I wonder if we can use this on our float.

BURN! [Gizmodo]

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