Windows live messenger plus!

Last week, I kept getting prompts from messenger plus to download the newer version. It got very frequent so I finally downloaded and chose the “sponsored” version. The reason for my choice is that most programmes do not allow you to have full access to their functions unless you register/pay. ( Think antivirius, antispyware ) So I thought perhaps I’ll get the full version by choosing the “sponsored” version.

Bad choice. Turns out the sponsor plugged a trojan in. IE pops up a “CID” ad every now and then though I do not use IE. I’ve been trying to remove it but it’s been giving me half-hearted success.

How to remove CID pop ups

edit @ 19 Jan 18:08

Seems like the previous link didn’t work out for me though AVG “deleted” the trojan. I’ve managed to remove with the installation of ZoneAlarm and the uninstaller file. :)

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  1. i think the best way would b uninstalling windows messenger plus itself (which may mean uninstalling windows messenger too) and then reinstalling them back after removing the adware i guess..

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