I’ve always had the impression that prison escape is not something that will happen here. There’s always the trespasser sign in which a man is aiming his gun at another to mean that you’ll be killed if you intrude. Maybe they should place the sign to face the inside as well?

The only reason why such a thing could happen is no one will mend a cracked pot until it’s broken. People become complacent until something major happens. Think bout airport security before 9/11 or how we did not have our own army until WWII came about. Isn’t it a little late?

If I’m in his shoes, I wouldn’t be here. I’ll probably swim over to neighbouring shores and plan my devious attack. It’s been 5 days. It’s a miracle to hiding here for 5 days. Consider how urbanized we are and how little forest we have left. Dammit, I hate the feeling of a terrorist on the loose here.

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