American Idol

As much as the contestants hate Simon Cowell’s comments, deep down they’re all seeking his approval. No rubbish, no falsities, full frontal truth. Don’t hate the man because he’s telling you you’re not good enough. Any thumbs up from Simon is worth more than both Randy and Paula combined and all of them know it.

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  1. simon cowell’s only talent is making people ( people like you obviously) believe he knows what he is talking about. he doesnt. all he had ever done before idol was discover a couple of european one hit wonders. and thats just the truth. you dont need simon’s approval at all to do well on Idol. just look at taylor hicks. and a lot of the people he does give good comments to (like melinda) just disappear after the show.

  2. Alright, maybe I was coming from a logical perspective. What is scarce is a valuable commodity. As much as they hate Simon’s opinions, they immediately feel a sense of relieve when Simon give them the thumbs up ( who doesn’t want all 3 judges rooting for them?) Haha..

  3. Personally, I don’t know why American Idol got to be such a hit. It’s a glorified singing competition.

    As for the judges, I agree with “no”. Who the hell is Simon Cowell? For that matter, who are any of the judges?

    But I find the contestants worst of all. They need to get a life. It may be a quick ticket to stardom for the few who are really talented, but the rest of them just reminds me of Oilver Twist. “May I have another, sir?” After their performance, they look like little puppies seeking their owners’ approval. Pathetic.

    I guess it’s obvious by now, I’m not a fan of the show. :P No offense to anyone who likes the show. :) Variety is the spice of life. :D

  4. My favorite part of the show is actually the audition sessions where we get to watch silly people take the stage. The part of it is even the worst of them thinks he’s great. :roll:

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