Justice vs Power

Interesting class in philosophy which discusses justice and power. By simplistically assuming that what’s just is what’s right, a problem arises that one simply has to be just to rise in power. This is because since that guy is right, he’d be the best choice to lead. This follows that in order to obtain power, one has to do the right thing, which of course isn’t very just.

Considering everyday event, one can rise to power through doing the right and just thing. A power-hungry person can as easily pretend to be doing the right thing to eventually rise to power. This is a very touchy issue and can actually be applied to many different aspects of every day life.

This is especially problematic, say in romantic relationships. Girl loves a boy for qualities A, B, C. If Boy poss iessed A, B, C, Girl falls in love with Boy and everything is ok. What if, Boy knows Girl loves A, B, C and pretend to have A, B, C. Girl falls in love with Boy anyway.

What makes matters worse is how those in power decides what is “right” and “just”. Once Boy and Girl are in love, Girl starts to love D, E, F because Girl loves Boy and Boy possess D, E, F.

Actually the first situation I thought of wasn’t BGR but relate it back to club. It’s exactly like how the people doing the right things end up in position of power without wanting it in the first place; and how people who want power, try to do the right thing but usually they do a pretty bad job or simply the wrong thing…

Well, I guess, at the end of the day, it all boils down to intention… Or a very big headache thinking in this new perspective of things happening around us, as it questions even the fundamental things and reasons we do things in life.

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