Ever since after the exams, I had wanted to do an extensive coverage of my day to day events. As you’ve noticed, I have not done so. You could say I was facing a writer’s block. A blog started off as a virtual land of solace, a place where I’m free to air my thoughts under the veil of secrecy. It soon evolved into a tool for keeping up with each other’s lives and finally, a place to rant and rave.

As years went by, it became more obligatory,mundane and isolatory. I’d rather meet up and talk than write in a place I’m not even sure who comes by to read anymore. Nonetheless, I’m glad that I’ve managed to meet up with everyone that I’ve been wanting to. I had many belated bday celebrations, 2 class gatherings and a programming project to keep myself busy with.

During this period of time, I had the intention to blog about faith in my life but due to the fact that I may not say very nice things, I decided not to. Let’s just say, I’m facing a low point in my religious life. It’s not about believing or not because I believe but religion doesn’t revolve around a person but rather, a community. I went to Alvin’s 21st bday celebration today and he said some things which are inspiring, meaningful and things about religion I would never have the courage to say.

It sets me thinking…

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