CSI 503: Harvest

Daniel: I didn’t realize until… today… how lucky I am. I know pretty much… how and when I’m gonna die. Most people don’t. It’s what they’re afraid of.

Grissom: Was your sister afraid?

Daniel: Never. I’m 11 years older than her, and she took care of me. She was my best friend, and I miss her. As much pain as…I caused her… and she wouldn’t give up, and she…she wouldn’t let me, either. That’s why…during the last relapse, I made my parents swear that it was the very last time.

Grissom: But then your kidneys failed, and they broke their word, huh?

Daniel: They told me they… swore not to fight the cancer, so this didn’t count. I wasn’t gonna lose this fight. I couldn’t watch her suffer anymore.

Grissom: This wasn’t a mercy killing, Daniel. This was an execution. Bone marrow, transfusions…that’s her blood in your veins. It dripped out of your nose onto the blanket while you were killing her. If you cared so much for Alicia, why didn’t you take your own life instead of hers?

Daniel: Suicide isn’t an option. It’s an unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.

Grissom: But you believe that your god forgives murder? If that’s your defense, it won’t keep you out of jail.

Daniel (crying): But my death will. See, I’ve got about six more months. I’ll be dead before there’s even a trial. I-I do want to thank you, though.

Grissom: For what?

Daniel: For speaking for Alicia. You’re probably the first person in her life to think only of her. You know, you may not believe in God, sir, but you do his work.

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