Life is good

The results were released today and both our CAP improved :) That was a super big relieved for me as I’ve been having pre-result symptoms ever since the big scare in sem 1.

The thought that I’ve completed half my degree hasn’t quite settled into my mind yet. After 2 years, I’ve finally understood what my major is about and the possible job scope that I would have in the future. Most people who hear of what I’m studying will raise their brows and asked what’s that? or what’s your job prospects? It’s actually quite worrying to not be able to explain to others what you’re studying or even whether the market is large enough to embrace you. The local market is rather small. There’s only 2 research institutes that I’ve heard of so far. But there’s definitely space for development overseas. If all else fails, there’s always this place that the locals in the faculty can go and even the local market for programmers in general is quite large.

I took up a freelancing programming job this hols and it’s challenging and yet interesting at the same time. Best part is I work at night in my room. LOL. Things are looking pretty good for me this hols. I’ve found something to keep me busy, there’s float building and camp coming up. Life is stable.

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