Welcome 1 Geek!

Finally upgraded the ram on my laptop to 1GB. It’s not that fantastic considering most are working with perhaps 2GB or more but definitely better than what I had to endure for the last 2 years. Since i’m not running vista and there’s no more slots for extra ram, this will do. Hopefully, I won’t have messages like “out of memory” when I’m doing school stuff. Now, the boot up time is approximately 1 min, much much faster than my previous pathetic wait of 4 mins. :)

In case you’re a poor student like me who bought a laptop with not so good stats and wish to make it run faster, check out this good help site. Initially tried to insert it in parallel but it wouldn’t budge and on searching, found out that it should go in the slots at 45degrees before pushing it down the notch.


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