Every programmer will definitely have experienced times when one’s mind refuses to solve the coding problems at hand which leads to code-moodiness. I had the most vexing of times today trying to debug a code. Eventually, I sank into inefficiency by being a couch-potato for most part of the afternoon.

Was kinda lazy to pull myself out of the state of deterioration initially but I’m glad I did. Met Liyong, Suqin and Subby for dinner at Thai Express @ Holland V in the evening. If my mind did not fail me, I believe this is my second time at Thai Express. The first time didn’t make much of an impression. This time, I had honey chicken rice and Subby stuck to his curry soft shell crab rice which he was full of praises for. The honey chicken was superb. It’s kinda sweet when you first put it in your mouth but leaves a tangy sour aftertaste. Very interesting! I’m not a curry lover but I thought that the soft shell crab was not bad.

We had dessert at 2amDessert. It’s a small place but the interior looks very posh and cozy. We each ordered a dessert set (a dessert with the recommended alcoholic drink). Turns out that the dessert came in quite a large plate and the chocolate dessert was oozing with chocolate goodness! It has lifted me out of code-moodiness! The drink that came with it was sweet. I’ll definitely order than drink the next time I’m there.

When out on gatherings, I’m more of the person who feels more at ease in small groups. Maybe it’s because everyone gets their chance to participate in the same conversation and they take away a little something more about the small group of people that they have met. Anyway, the bill came up to be quite a lot but it didn’t matter that much. The company was great, the food was good and I enjoyed myself.

Pics will be up when Subby is less busy.

Subby: here they are:

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