My crazy affair with life science…

1 week of school just passed. I haven’t quite recovered from the pre-school activities but I’m definitely getting better sleep now. School work has started to pour in. I felt that I haven’t been managing my time well and giving sufficient attention to studies. Probably due to all the gatherings streaming in as well. They were enjoyable, some more than others. Lots of August babies I must say. The modules that I’m taking this sem seem to be progressing at a superbly crazy pace. It’s time to enforce some well needed discipline (and buy textbooks).

A span of 2 years can cause a trememdous change in some but seem to elude others. These 2 years have definitely changed me, hopefully for the better to most people. Though I tried to be better at interpersonal matters and anger management, there are times I felt that things could have been handled better and times I admired others who have handled a difficult situation by talking themselves out of it. 3 modules with projects this sem and like all my modules with projects, I hope that there won’t be internal conflicts.

Had wanted to blog about something more personal but my brain isn’t helping with the right words. Anyhow, happy birthday August babies! Hope to hear gd news from everyone after this semester.

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