Saw this on IVLE and my reaction was what?
Anyway, the most interesting part of this whole event is that it’s a men-only event. So, why do they think they’ll be able to answer those questions when I was pretty stun by them myself? It reminds me of hci lecture where a man design an interface which he THINKS women will like but it turns out to be a total flop.
Now, if I’m there i’ll probably throw my hands up at their answers and shout “No! That’s not true!”

I tried to reduce the size the image but it stubbornly remains this big. Will solve it soon…

One thought on “What?

  1. lol like there’s this saying from an old bank credit card commercial: “The men don’t get it.” Indeed, not everything that is designed by the guys will be liked by the girls and vice versa. ;) I remembered about the V day poster last year and indeed, it’s hard to keep both sides happy. :P

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