Digital Springcleaning

I just spent the day of so cleaning up and organizing the files in my desktop in preparation for a reformat. For the past few times I’ve reformatted or did a fresh set up, I’ve been chucking my files into a big folder called Backup. After a few occasions, I end up with folder structures that goes something like this: D:\Backup\E:\Backup\blahblah. Needless to say, I have lots of duplicated files in that whole mess. Looks like I finally got down to cleaning it up. Gonna reformat soon, if all goes well, I’d be back in a while, else I’d be ranting on my laptop. Wish me luck.


@11:06pm: I’m back some what with a spanky clean desktop. I don’t recall the last time I seen my desktop so clean. Haha! Time to put the stuff back and put the folders back into their rightful place. Oh yes.. and to maintain it. I really like the fast start up and shut down times.

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