HK Cafe, Pork Chop Rice Mania

We just went to Jurong Point, the surroundings changed quite a bit. The extension looks like it’s gonna be a big complex with residential units at the upper levels. Anyway, there’s this new HK Cafe at the outdoor area. It’s opened 24 hrs apparently but only with full menu between 11am and 11pm. So I have to try the pork chop cheese based rice at every HK cafe like how I try the mee goreng at all the prata places. Although the sauce here there wasn’t as salty as the other new HK cafe in Plaza Singapura, the portions was actually rather miserable. Not that value for money. I think I still prefer Wan Zai.

[Pictures to come maybe….]

There are these HK cafes popping up everywhere, some are better than others. I should probably go take pictures of all the pork chop rice and rank them!

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