Quick post cos I’m tired

Met up with the bear fam 2 days ago and I brought them to my favourite ramen place! Haha! It was (almost) full attendance and I’m glad we took time off despite our busy schedules.
Looking back at our jc pics, we’ve shrugged off the babyish look. Physically, we’ve changed. But when the group comes together, it felt like the good old days all together again. It’s like break time where we sit together to have a meal. All of it…seems to be re-enacting itself.

I received a call from True Yoga this morning, telling me that I won a 2 weeks trial through Starhub. Seriously, it came across rather convincingly. Until, I searched them up the net and found lots of unpleasant stuff. Upon much more pondering, I realise how stupid I was to give them my name. Drats! Am I going to receive endless calls from them?

Bought stuff from fox again today. Love it! The cotton tops are cheaper and the cashier surprised me with their hidden 30% discount. Most stores publicise their trick discounts to get people in but the ads for the discounts at fox are ninja like. Spot them if you can!

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