Hell days are just over

Submitted whatever I was suppose to. Sat for whatever test I was suppose to. Such a relief it’s over. Got results for the mid terms back. It’s weird how the mods that I spent the most time on gets the unsatisfactory result while the one that I thought I’ll just S/U it off if I’ll need to tells me I have to put in as much effort for it now. Went for massage, warm ramen and azabo ice-cream with good company. :) Truly enjoyed myself and the stomach’s happy too. Thinking..I’m kinda fat fed now.

Gonna start on the lsms soon. Good luck ya all!

One thought on “Hell days are just over

  1. hii jo!! you sound like you have given yourself some good indulgence before starting on exams proper. so nice! *grin* can’t wait for exams to be over. we can finally meet up without having to worry about anything else to get done. all the best for your papers!!

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