pidgin – Asian Chars and personal message

I started using pidgin after I reformatted because I got fed up with MSN messenger and their ads and MSN plus and hidden adwares; and now I get to connect to multi-protocols.

One of the few issues when using pidgin was the personal messages for MSN. With the latest 2.5.2 release, it seems it’s resolved with a textbox beneath the status bar. Oh maybe it’s always been there and I’ve been blind somehow.

Another issue was the display of Asian characters on the buddy list. I started out working and somehow screwed up when I mucked around with the settings. I found a solution online, basically you go to your GTK Theme Selector and choose “ClearLooks” (or any theme which supports unicode for that matter).

Anyone not using pidgin shld give it a try. Anyway, this is for yq if he got any problems, since as far as I know, he’s the only guy using pidgin now. :lol:

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