It’s Christmas soon. Friends graduating, birthdays, getting married. Can’t wait to grad and enter the working world. Pretty intimidating but there’s financial power. I want toys but that’s another story.

Been having very light sleep these days. Which is probably why I sleep so much.
I need to find the motivation to do things. Seriously.

Kris once said that people who put thick make up have inferior complexes and they want to hide their true self.  Can’t say for sure the truth of it but cosmetics does give me the feeling like I’m wearing a mask. With it, insurance agents approach me and I seem to feel like the world is observing my every move.
Without it, I blend in the homogenous crowd with nobody to bother me.
At times, being alone feels so carefree. Nobody asks you to run errands, no sound from anywhere else. In such an urbanised place, it’s so hard to be alone. One can only fantasize or stay dead into the night to savour it, provided there aren’t angsty teenagers at the void deck ruining your peace.
Yet, amidst this longing to be alone, most of us are looking for someone who understands.

“You think Einstein listens to his nanny when she asks him to put down his books and comb his hair?”

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