Hi there!
Ok, I’m posting this up before I loose the writer’s zeal.

I’m been meaning to put up some pics that I’ve taken. But got lazy (sorry people! I know..wall of texts is boring.) The desktop’s pretty cluttered with stuff and so is my room table. Moreover, I’ll need to resize the pics before I upload them here. Good news is, I’ve transferred them from my phone to my laptop.

I went over to mama bear’s place today. Went jogging, jacuzzi and dinner at bukit timah after that. Chatting while jogging really helps to pass the time faster. Unknowingly, I was running for 30mins and still feeling good to go! I haven’t talked about such personal stuff in a while. So it was…detoxifying in a sense. Talking and making sense of things. There was hardly anyone else  in the gym so we had it all to ourselves. First time in a car driven by her! And we almost crashed cos of a concrete mixer. -.- In the process of the day, seems like we made a lot of arrangements to meet up. More clique outings. :) Fundamentally, girls and guys differ. Sometimes, it’s just easier to speak to someone who has the same hormone as you. (Or maybe not) But hormonally (er…wadever..you get my point), we’re looking for someone to complete us. Haha! You’ve gotta applaud my geniuses at using the bio analogy. :P

Oh…and in case you’re curious about my msn nick, just take it with a pinch of salt yea?

"Everybody needs a little time away," I heard her say, "from each other."

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