Daily Rounds: X’mas Tree, Eating and Rabbids

[Lifehacker » DIY: How to Make a Beer Bottle Christmas Tree.]

I always knew there’s something I can do with all the beer bottles I used to collect. Such a shame I didn’t figure it out before I cleared them all out.

[Lifehacker » Food: How Eating Slowly Will Help You Lose Weight.]

There are a lot of factors in losing and maintaining a healthy diet and weight, but the HealthAssist blog points out that eating slowly might play a larger role than you realize.

Along with the general knowledge of your body needing more time to figure out it’s full than most rush-rush meals allow for, “insulin resistance” and other factors suggest eating more slowly is something to strive for.

So basically, if I eat slowly, I’d lose weight? Perhaps the rising rate of obesity in Singapore is due to shorter and shorter lunch breaks. :roll:

[Kotaku » 2008 Holiday Cards: A Holiday Video From Raving Rabbids.]

For the rabbids girl.

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