Do you know?

I didn’t know what “I tag you” meant till I went her blog. First thought was, on facebook? Anyway, it’s time to tag your pics on facebook!

21 things that most people don’t know about me

1. I named my rabbit “Blacky” but it’s not meant to be racist.
2. My rabbit is toilet trained.
3. I tear easily.
4. I go swimming with people but I haven’t mastered the frog style. (which is the only style I swim)
5. I do not eat almost all kinds of veggies.
6. I have 2 older brothers who are married.
7. My age gap with them are 11 and 13
8.  I live in a 6 room HDB flat.
9. I play chess.
10. I like taking candid shots of people cos of the natural feel.
11. I am someone with very deep thoughts but I seldom write on the blog anymore for privacy reasons.
12. What privacy reasons? Well, you’ll never know who’ll be reading this right? With that thought, it’s difficult to just let loose and not censor your posts. After a while, the censorship loses it’s meaning and I just stop all together.
13. I can’t multitask.
14. I have a rather good memory for events but not for numbers.
15. I tend to put other’s before myself unless that person has drained my tolerance.
16. Yes, I watch chinese dramas. Korean and HK too.
17. I enjoy watching documentaries about phenomenas that people have no explaination for.
18. Though they’re interesting, I often do not get the answer I want from these documentaries. This is because they often end off with “….we’ll never know”.
19. I did not think kids are adorable until my nephew and neice was born.
20. I squirm whenever someone asks me what’s my major.
21. I find the numbing effects of alcohol very soothing.

Phew! That took rather long! Now pass to another 5? Not many people that nice to do lor….

Anyway, I shall tag 1 person and that’s Kris because we celebrated her bday yday and today! Happy bday!

2 thoughts on “Do you know?

  1. lol dont squirm when some1 ask u ur major :P i think squirming will come when it comes to asking u what the major does in general and for ur working life :P (and i kinda have to lie through my teeth, if its possible :P)

  2. Well, that ALWAYS comes after you say your major. I felt that I’ve never been able to fully explain what it is so I end up saying it’s computing and biology which often evokes more questions. Somehow, it’s always an awkward conversation topic when it comes to that.

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