For those who still drop by

Been a while since I’ve said something after the exams eh?
Ok, there’s this “bad review foodie post” I did sometime back which turns out to be the top search for this blog on google. Freaky. I should never put my face when I’m gonna say something nasty. Logical…I probably wasn’t thinking straight that day after tasting yucky food.

Watched Bolt with Subby last Thurs. Super funny! I love the show. The animation and all. Met the bear family the next day followed by drinks at night with a lot of guys. Should get more girls along so I don’t get caught up in I-don’t-know-soccer/guy talk. This was followed by gym session with Subby the day after. Lots of activities lining up for December.

Bought a new phone yday. It’s the LG renoir, the most affordable of all the touch screen phones. I’m still fiddling around and trying to change some stuff. Will do a review soon. Found a cool site for getting wallpapers here.



I’m using this! :)

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