4 thoughts on “MCEComments + Smilies

    • Hi robson, actually, I don’t really remember what I did. I should probably write a little about how I fix stuff in these little posts huh?

      Would help if you remind me what was the 2 plug-ins incompatibility. Was it that using MCEComments, smilies don’t show up? I could have edited MCEComments’ code to make calls to smilies…

      I should be abashed, since I even had an open invitation for queries. :oops:

  1. Okay, I actually resolved the issue and replied robson but forgot to follow up here.

    Crazy Loong recently released Custom Smilies 2.7. It made everything a lot simpler. After installing it, go to its settings. All the way at the bottom listed as other options is “Use the action named comment_form in comments.php….” Check that box.

    If it doesn’t work, follow the instructions and manually add cs_print_smilies() in comments.php.

    Now your MCEComments and Custom Smilies should work together.

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