Before we take it for the biblical truth

Today my mkt lecturer asked “Will you eat cloned food?”
He went on to say that there was once the US govt asked the farmers not to cloned cows but they replied “you told us so late? Put a cow here and I can’t tell if it’s cloned or not!”

There were murmurs throughout the LT. He went on to explain that like it or not, we’re already eating cloned meat. Perhaps you’re feeling really terrible right now knowing about this fact. Wondering if you’re gonna get mad cow disease or die from these suspicious meat source.

As far as I know, what he said is impossible at the moment. So who should you believe? When it comes to conflicting views, the best way is to make your own logical deduction based on facts that are neutral.

If farmers are cloning cows, it would mean that cloned meat is a cheaper alternative because that will drive profits up. However, let’s think about test tube babies and their success rate. We all know it’s low. Why? Because there’s a high chance that the embryo will not successfully implant itself to the womb. If farmers are cloning cows, they will need to do this implantation of the cloned cow embryo as well because scientists are still unable to simulate the environment of the womb to nurture embryos. So, what will happen is that cloned beef will be extremely expensive like how getting a test tube baby is and that does not make sense.

Maybe he said this to help us remember the concepts that he taught but it’s things like these that inflicts a greater misunderstanding of the scientific community. A case of the blind following the blind and before you know it, a whole group of blind people are protesting. So before you take in any gibberish from magazines and newspapers, remember that they’re not experts and they’re probably doing that to make a living. I’ve seen many ludicrous stuff from them before.

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