Half-Life 2 Cinematic Mod

This is apparently a heavy cosmetic mod for HL2 with new textures, shaders, sounds and some models. While the quality of the model is highly debated, most people agree that the environments look jaw-dropping. I was tempted to give it a whirl then I realised the recommended requirements of a 64bit OS with 4GB RAM, multi-core CPU and a high-end GPU. Not put off by the hefty requirements, I was willing to take a gamble until I realise the core pack for v9 weighs in at an incredible 4.5GB. I’m not sure if it’s just that unoptimized (which can also explain the high requirements) or the team really threw in that much original content. It was only then did I remember that a good game is never about the bells and whistles. The video demostrate the pretty 2008 version of HL2. If you can check out the video in HD over at Youtube.

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