I want to eat chicken rice! (totally random)

Today’s a lazy sleepy day. I’ve been trying to read math but my mind keeps blanking out of me or I’ll get distracted.

I’ve been chatting online with Kris more often ever since we went for her exchange. We had a video conference yday but she can’t hear me properly. Time to get a mic. Any cheapo mic is better than my laptop’s. Kris I miss you too! I would go globe trotting if I had the means. Not to mention bring the terrible math modules over to S/U. -Snaps back to reality-

I’ve had a few unpleasant experiences with services which makes use of high technology recently. The online dress I bought finally arrived. Looks rather different from the pic. Considering how they screwed up the first deal with me and their crappy free gift, I’m not gonna buy from them ever again! Nothing can beat physically going to look at clothes, try out in the dressing room and feeling and caressing the item you’re going to buy. The only frustrating thing about shopping is not being able to find the item you want. It’s like a waste of a whole day. For some strange twist of fate, it’s always harder to find what you’re looking for and eventually when you’re over it, they start popping up everywhere.

Second bad brush with technology is I did an online transfer which didn’t get through. Not even sure what’s the reason for the reject. The interface is sucky.

Timetable matters are almost settled. That’s the third bad brush with technology.

Sometimes I wonder if they really bring more convenience? But hey…they’re gonna my rice bowl in the future.

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